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10 Signs Fear of Failure is Your Roadblock To Success

Are you struggling with the inertia of MidLife? You know you need to do more. You know you need to get more; out of life and the people around you. You may have business ideas or an educational degree you want to pursue. But you don’t take the steps to pursue those goals.

What’s stopping you?

Read the following statements. How many do you agree with?

    1. I will be ashamed if my business or idea isn’t successful and people find out.
    2. If I fail, my entire future is at stake.
    3. If I fail, I’ll have nothing interesting to talk about.
    4. Only smart people are successful. If I fail, I’m not as smart as I think I am.
    5. If I fail, my family will be disappointed in me.
    6. I can lower people’s expectations if I tell them I don’t really expect to be successful anyway.
    7. I’ve failed before but I’m not sure I’ve learned much from it. I am unable to sit with my failure and imagine if there’s something I could have done differently to be successful. Failure was clearly the only possible result.
    8. I often get last-minute headaches, stomach aches, or other physical symptoms of anxiety that prevent me from moving forward with an idea.
    9. I often get distracted by menial tasks that prevent me from moving forward with my idea.
    10. I tend to procrastinate and “run out of time” before I make any progress on a goal.

If you agreed with 5 or more, there’s a good chance you are suffering from Fear Of Failure.

Let’s take that Fear of Failure and turn it into FUEL of Failure
Own The Fear

It’s important to accept that failure makes you feel both fear and shame, and to find trusted others with whom you can discuss these feelings. Sometimes a friend, therapist or even business mastermind group can be a good place to express those doubts. Trusted advisors can help you minimize those feelings and help you determine strategies to work around them.

Bringing these feelings to the surface can help prevent you from expressing them through unconscious efforts to sabotage yourself. Getting reassurance and empathy from trusted others can bolster your feelings of self-worth while minimizing the threat of disappointing them.

Middle Sages is starting a Business Mastermind Facebook Group called REINVENTED. It’s for entrepreneurs starting a new venture in MidLife. You can join the Initial Interest List HERE. PS The group will be free.

Focus On Aspects In Your Control

Identify aspects of the task or preparation that are in your control and focus on those. Brainstorm ways to reframe aspects of the task that seem out of your control so that you rein them in. Planning is key. When you assign yourself tasks for completion the day before, your productivity skyrockets.

Get Mad

Have you experienced failure before? A business or even a relationship? Once you finish mourning the experience, take some time to assess your role in the demise. Then get pissed and promise yourself it’s not going to happen again. That fire will drive you and your next venture is sure to be a success!

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