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Dear Sages

Unfinished Business: Get Motivated


Dear Sages,

I feel like I’m always there to motivate everyone; my husband, children, and friends. I’m drained and feel like I have nothing left. There’s no one there to be my cheerleader and I feel no motivation to accomplish anything.

Signed, One Woman Cheering Section

Dearest Pom Pom,

Sorry Hun, but that sounds a lot like excuses through a megaphone. You’re a grown up. Grown ups have shit to do. So do it. You shouldn’t need some surrogate mommy in the shape of a husband, child or friend standing behind you encouraging you every step of the way. 

Need motivation? Well we can’t think of a better reason than to just be motivated for yourself.

We subscribe to a kick in the ass at the starting line and reserve our hugs for the finish line. Are your feelings a little hurt? Good. Anger is a great motivator. Pick one goal. Accomplish it. Remember, “Done is Better than Perfect“. You may want to check out our Sage Wisdom: The Recipe For a Great Day. Then write back to us. We’re going to be so proud of you.

xo, Your Sages

PS Check out our Habit Tracker. It may help you keep you motivated. xo

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