how to stay away from fridge when you work from home
Dear Sages

How To Stay Away From The Fridge When You Work From Home

Dear Sages,

I work from home and I CANNOT stop getting up several times a day to hit the fridge. I’m not really overweight but I do carry a few extra pounds and I know this isn’t exactly a healthy habit. Any tips on how to stay away from the fridge?

From, Gaining Grazer

Dear Grazer,


Xo, Your Sages

JK. But shhhhh…we’re guilty of the same.

When we had big girl jobs in fancy corporate offices, we didn’t munch away all day. But truth be told, now that we write from home, we nosh. A lot. All day.

We’re kinda writing and analyzing our own behavior as we respond to you and we think it comes down to accessibility and proximity. We are certainly not going to move our refrigerator and don’t recommend that you do either. But ask yourself why you head to the kitchen.

Possible reason #1: Are you hungry?

We are big proponents of eating when you’re hungry. We credit that strategy with our well functioning metabolisms. There is no valid scientific evidence to back us up but yeah, we eat a lot because we are hungry a lot.


Plan ahead and keep healthy snacks on hand. Our “go to’s” are bananas, frozen dark chocolate bars with no added sugar (no we don’t eat the whole thing, just a piece), a cup of ginger tea with honey, carrot sticks, celery with peanut butter. These are a few of our favorite and satisfying things.

Also, we eat like 2-3 lunches a day. Seriously. We just do a pretty darn good job of sticking to the healthy stuff. In general, we cook weeknight meals at home and we make extra portions just so that we have tasty and substantial options for lunch.

Possible reason #2: You have the limited attention span of a Sage.

Join us. Look, we don’t always find ourselves in a groove and therefore, will distract ourselves from the lack of productivity by sauntering to our respective kitchens. Big deal.

Remedy: Pick a replacement habit that is NOT checking your phone.

Squeeze a ten minute mediation in here. Take your dog for a walk around the block. Paint your nails. Pay your bills. Catch up with a friend but limit the call to 10 minutes. Then try to get back to work without succumbing to the pull of the pantry.  

Sorry to be a bit on the defensive with this one. It just didn’t seem right to get all preachy when we do it too. The bottom line is this: Keep it healthy, accept that it’s just part of working from home, and look for productive distractions when possible.

See you at the fridge in 10.  

Xo, Your Sages

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