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The Secret To Long Lashes: Feed Them

Can we all agree that YES we all want longer, fuller lashes, but NO, we don’t want to look like a dairy cow. When did that become a THING???

Look, there are dress-up nights when a few falsies (tits and/or lashes) are appropriate. But these bizarre eyelash extensions that women are wearing 24/7 look ridiculous. They are inhuman in length and girth. Have you ever met a person whose lashes are the same length from corner to corner? They are more like antennae to prevent you from walking in to walls. We promise: this will be something future generations will laugh about.

But there is a happy medium and a way to encourage thicker, healthier lashes. LASHFOOD has been the big winner for us. We are repeatedly asked about our lashes and don’t mind flirtatiously batting them at you. No mooing required.

LASHFOOD is not cheap but it lasts a loooong time for us. Also, after diligent use two times per day, we found we were able to back off and use once at night. Truth be told, we’ve gotten a little lazy and complacent with all the gorgeous new growth so we may be going every 2-3 nights now. For us, we found LASHFOOD to be well worth the investment and a whole helluva lot cheaper than bizarre extensions that require follow up maintenance.

long lushes lashes
Long Lushes Lashes

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Happy flirting.

xo, Your Sages

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