lost my pretty and i miss it
Dear Sages

Lost My Pretty And I Miss It

Dear Sages,

I was hot. Smokin’ hot. Even after baby #1, I got back in shape and looked and felt great.

I can’t really explain, well I could complain, about what happened but I am ashamed of what I look like now. I’ve lost my pretty.

I have a loving husband, great business and kids on the verge of grown-up but I am a frump.

It’s not like I don’t know what to do; exercise, diet etc. but I just can’t get into any routine. It feels hopeless like I’m just going to be fat and old forever.

Help, Lost My Pretty

Dear (Still) Pretty,

Tap, tap, tap! Sit up straight and you listen up! You are still pretty because pretty comes from the inside. That’s the hard part. The outside is just the candy coating and within six months, you can shine that shell right up. Here’s the formula:

Start by doing something nice for yourself

Many times, people use pampering as a reward and we like that idea too, but you are in a funk that we want to snap you out of fast. So…

      • Have your hair cut and/or colored.
      • Get your nails done.
      • Buy yourself something pretty. We don’t care if it’s just a new t-shirt or a full outfit but go grab a little retail therapy. Look, we’re not proud of it, but shopping is a quick hit of happiness. Might as well use it.
Now for the exercise component

We call bullshit if you can’t find 30 minutes a day to get a sweat on. You mentioned in your letter that you’ve been in shape before so we assume you don’t need a lesson in fitness. Whatever worked before, just start it again. Give up facebook time, a coffee run or a tv show, just find that 30 minutes. You may have forgotten, but there is a positive addictive cycle to exercise courtesy of endorphins. Those little buggers are the best! You exercise, your body releases endorphins, your brain says, “more please” and it’s just a little easier to motivate the next day.

Don’t go on a diet

You read that right. Dieting is a dead end. Don’t go become a vegetarian or go Keto on us. Just follow the Middle Sages “No List”

      • NO dairy
      • NO wheat/flour
      • NO alcohol (yes, we cried a little when we wrote that)
      • NO fructose corn syrup
      • NO added sugar
      • NO soda pop
      • NO shit from a box

Watch those pounds melt away.

Try using a Habit Tracker

Yes, we say it all the time. Because it works. Here are two examples:

Be kind to yourself if you eff up

No one is perfect all the time. If you fall off the wagon, just saddle up for the next day and keep trying. Your incremental progress will be all the motivation you’ll need. We KNOW you can get back to that smokin’ hot chick you’ve been holding hostage.

We can’t wait to hear from her soon. Send us a pic!

xo, Your Sages

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