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MiddleSages: Recipe For A GREAT Day!

One of the biggest complaints we hear from women in MidLife is this feeling of inertia;

each day is the same without any progress or accomplishment.

This contributes to a feeling of worthlessness and even depression. To quote one of our our tribe who wrote-in for advice*, 

“I can’t tell you what I did with my day, but I can tell you what I didn’t do with my day”.

We were definitely feeling that way too before we got pissed off enough to create MiddleSages. The key to flipping that statement for us is a daily schedule that we stick to.

We can already hear the chorus of “but my day is different every day”. Really? Weird. Cuz our day (the demands and schedules of our spouses, children, business, clients, friends and extended family) is the exact same daily. Hopefully you read that with extreme sarcasm.

Here’s a sample of our non negotiables. In truth, we don’t get to all of it daily, but even the attempt to do so has drastically increased our total productivity and elevated our sense of purpose, peace and happiness.

Here goes. The MiddleSages recipe for a great day:

Start The Night Before

Write out your perfect schedule for the next day. Plan exactly how you will spend your blocks of time, including accommodating appointments, calls, chores, etc. We’ll be honest, it’s probably not going to go according to that schedule but the block frame gives you a guide as to what you want to be doing and when.

Get to bed early. We cannot stress this enough. The biggest key to a productive day is being well-rested. We are very jealous of those warriors that are able to dominate the world on just 4 hours of sleep. Not gonna lie; there’s not a Sage in the bunch that doesn’t need a full 8 hours of beauty sleep to put her in the right frame of mind to accomplish what we do in a single day.

That means lights out at 9PM for this crew. Sex, TV, housekeeping duties, beauty routines, DONE. By 9pm during the week.

We hear you whining that you can’t get it all done before 9PM. Yup. You can. And you will when you get your days on track. So maybe for Day -1, you leave the house a wreck and just get yourself to sleep so you can get a jump on the next day.

Wake Up Early

You know that feeling you drag around everyday that makes you feel like you’re late for everyone and late to everything? It’s because you never took the time in the morning to plan and prepare.

Imagine if you were at the starting line of a race without shoes and socks on when the starting gun went off. The other racers would take off and you’d be hopping on alternate feet trying to lace up.

That’s the predicament you are putting yourself in when you wake up, or worse snooze the alarm, until the exact moment you have to wake up just in time to feed people and get them to school or dress yourself for work. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Set your alarm at 5AM. Seriously.

Now That I’m Up Early, WTF Do I Do With Myself

We’ll be honest. There’s one of us that just needs her coffee and a good morning deposit, if you know what we mean, to be ready to get to work. The rest of get up, dress for exercise, meditate, grab coffee and THEN proceed to the demands of the day.

Your Sages still have school aged people at home so our houses comes alive and breakfasts and lunches are made, people are shuttled out the door and then most of us exercise, shower, dress (including some makeup because we’re vain and it just makes us feel better) and then we convene to be here for you; writing, posting and answering your dilemmas.

Open up your journal, planner or just grab a blank piece of paper. We use JoyNote because we all like blank paper for flexibility.

Click HERE to purchase JoyNote

We start with two quick exercises that literally take less than 5 minutes. (For more detailed information on how we use JoyNote, read A Journal/Planner That Works For Us)

  1. We write a quick sentence about what we are grateful for.

    Let me remind you that Your Sages are the most cynical, sarcastic biatches on the planet and we take this quick pause from our regularly scheduled snarkiness to write something down.

    It is an instant mood elevator but it takes practice. And don’t just write, “I am grateful for my health.” Write a why; I am grateful for my health because my strong body let’s me…

  2. We choose 1-2 “Top Priorities Today”. Not saying we always complete them, but writing them down brings them into focus and more often than not, we accomplish them. Yay us!

We promise you will now feel centered, focused and on fire ready to absolutely kill your day! And better yet, you’ll have the momentum to do it again day after day.

Hope that helps.

xo, Your Sages

PS: A word about Stuff That Works For Us

*(If you’re needing some Sage wisdom, click HERE to send us your dilemma.)

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