Stuff That Works For Us

From time to time we will share with you stuff that works for us. We will tell you why we like it and we will include a link to purchase that product. We do make money when you purchase items through those links.

There are a few VERY important things we want you to know about these links:

  1. We ONLY tell you about products we are actually benefitting from, using, and enjoying.
  2. Unless we say differently, these are things we purchased on our own. If we have somehow gotten fancy and important and people want to send us shit to try, we will disclose that upfront in our reviews. BUT, please know that #1 will ALWAYS remain our primary reason to share a product with you.
  3. We would really appreciate you using the links we provide because this is our primary business. The price offered to you does not increase because you use our link but we do get a commission. In return, you’re getting an honest review recommendation of a worthwhile product from women whose mission it is to not steer you wrong.
  4. Please read #1 again.

xo, Your Sages