We love to hear other voices. We need to hear other voices! Have you written something for another publication or maybe your personal blog that you think would be of interest to our Middle Sages Tribe? By all means, gives us a holler!

At this time, we reserve Sage Wisdom for our team, but we’d love to feature you on our Wisdom From The Web page. Just shoot us an email at submissions@middlesages.com . Please be sure to include a link to the originally published piece. We are happy to promote you and your endeavors. After all, love and support is what this Middle Sages community is all about. So if you’d like us to plug you, please include a little bio.

Sometimes you have something to say and nowhere to say it. Perhaps it’s a sensitive issue or something you’d like to keep anonymous. That’s fine too. Just clue us in. Like in BIG RED CAPITAL LETTERS.

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