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Why We Charge For Access To The Dear Sages, Sections

We left a lot of valuable and fun information open on this site. Look, we like free stuff too. But when it comes to people sharing personal problems and intimate details, we thought the rest of us should have a little skin in the game. For information on our Membership Levels (including a FREE option), click here.

We decided to charge for access to the Dear Sages, sections to discourage the stalkers and haters from hanging out on our site. We are building a community of women who understand that people baring their souls is not for entertainment. We believe there is value in raw honesty and that by charging, even a nominal amount, we’d scare off the stalkers and the haters. This is a community where you can feel safe knowing that the people submitting, reading and commenting have had to cross some, albeit small, hurdle for that access.

We are dedicated to providing a thoughtful, safe and yes, entertaining community where you can feel free to bitch, complain, commiserate and encourage each other without worrying that your husband’s ex-girlfriend is stalking you. At least if she is, we have her credit card info.*

*We are totally kidding. We cannot and do not retain anyone’s credit card info. All transactions are handled through PayPal.